Curriculum Vitae


Owner/Managing Director · 2016 to present · Fredericksburg, Texas

While ARGMS has it's beginnings in 2016 in Ohio, Texas and California after I decided to leave the oil field in May 2016, I now formally own and operate an appliance repair business in Fredericksburg, Texas as of August 22nd, 2018. My business is appliance repair, my other business license is in residential appliance wholesale/resale.  I am a Fred's Appliance Academy Grad, please see:

Prior to this I worked on offshore oil rigs as an Electronic technician for Ensco, like formerly at Sedco Forex or Transocean, I install, commission, maintain, troubleshoot and repair offshore oilfield equipment and systems. It is that at this time, too, that I am trusted with engineering activity in that I spec equipment/systems and their installation, commissioning as well organizing human assets required for manpower in these endeavors. In all respects, I mature into an energetic go-to person with expertise in safety, hydraulics, mechanics, electrical, electronics and personnel management. From the BOP, to the Top Drive and to the SatComm equipment, no piece of rig equipment or person on a daily basis escaped my critical eye. When I was on a rig during these years, very little Down Time (DT/) was ever logged. I worked on oil rigs in or offshore New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Singapore & UAE. Various comprehensive company paid-for vendor equipment training in Houston, UK, Singapore, Norway & Australia.


Chief Electronics Technician · 2004 to 2008 · New Orleans, Louisiana

Back in the Oil Patch after DCSI at Transocean, like my job previously with Transocean & Sedco Forex, I perform same activities, but my responsibilities are also expanded into all rig systems major or minor and I gain increased expertise especially with Sub-Sea equipment (BOP/LMRP) & VMS - vessel management systems). Additionally, I am tasked with personnel management - in hiring and the mentoring of junior personnel I advised for hire which were rarely not ex-military because of lack of discipline and real world experience not often imparted by traditional providers of education. I worked on the world's first 5-Generation Oil Rig, the Cajun Express, in the Gulf of Mexico - from Commissioning, tow from S'pore to Cape Town and work in the GOM. Various comprehensive company paid-for vendor equipment training in Houston & UK.


Senior Field Service Engineer · 2002 to 2003 · St. Louis

Now Aclara, I worked with a small engineering and logistics support team at Pennsylvania Power & Light's HQ in Allentown, Pa with the installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of a massive 1.3 million meter base installation across most of the state of Pennsylvania including 300 substation worth of equipment. In a nutshell, the equipment used 2-way current pulse communication technology between a meter base and a substation to transmit KWH or other data to company sites for processing, billing and system troubleshooting. I also manage, mentor & train junior members of DCSI's field service engineer team who come to assist as needed from St. Louis.


Chief Electronics Technician · 2000 to 2002 · Singapore

At Transocean, like my job with Sedco Forex, I perform same activities and gain increased expertise with DCS (Drilling Control Systems) like V-ICIS or the Varco Integrated Control & Information System. It was the Gen 1 of NOV's Amphion System now used World Wide. And which, today, there are still a rig or two that has on some of its technical literature at the bottom of page 1 after one heading or another, DM Peed - that's me.... Note that during this time, Schlumberger had spun off Sedco Forex and merged it with Transocean. I worked on oil rigs in or offshore Singapore, South Africa, Angola (W. Africa) and the Gulf of Mexico. Various comprehensive company paid-for vendor equipment training in Houston & UK.

Schlumberger Sedco Forex

Electronics Technician · 1998 to 2000 · Aberdeen

At Sedco Forex, in a nutshell, I installed, commissioned, maintained, troubleshot & repaired electronics, electro-mechanical, computer, communications & power generation equipment on oil rigs in or offshore - Northsea (Aberdeen, Scotland), Brazil & Gulf of Mexico. Various comprehensive company paid-for vendor equipment training in Houston & U.K.

Remec Wireless

RF Electronics Technician · 1997 to 1998 · San Diego, California

At Remec Wireless, using ATE (Advanced Test Equipment - vector network analyzers, scalar-vector network analyzers, frequency combs, etc), assemble, tune & commission communications gear for Sub-Saharan countries communication infrastructure while going full time to ITT Technical Institute in San Diego, Ca.

Electronics Technician · 1996 to 1997 · San Diego, California

At SONY DSSC, diagnose and repair a variety of SONY monitors while going to school full time at ITT Technical Institute in San Diego.

U.S. Navy

Fire Controlman · 1990 to 1996 · San Diego, California

See: Various schooling for Fire Controlman. LENGTHY - Uncle Scam did not want to send me to expensive schooling for two years and then let me skate thru the remaining two years to complete my 4-yr enlistment. No... He added another two years to get his time out of my carcass. It is the way of the world. I did not complain... World Class training in electronics and electro-mechanical that forever afterwards put dollars in my bank account? And I get to go to the VA? Fair enough and the way I see it, I still owe him... Traveled to Japan, Hong Kong (when U.K. still owned it) and S. Korea.