ARGMS LLC is a veteran owned Appliance Repair business, eager to serve residents of Fredericksburg, Texas and the surrounding Hill Country. All brands and appliance types supported.  Additionallly,  ARGMS provides general maintenance and handyman services.  

  1. Repair & Maintenance of existing Appliances only.

    appliance sticker with Make, Model & Serial Number and text

    to 830.456.3571 with a description of the fault(s).

    I will try to reply quickly.

  2. To begin a repair process, please take a picture of the

  3. Wholesale/Re-sale of Appliances, but Customer pick-up only.

  4. No installations of new or used Appliances.

 ARGMS is proud to provide the following services:

1. Repair & Maintenance of existing Residential Appliances (including Water Softeners & Chlorinators)

All brands, makes and models. In order to provide prompt service, we encourge clients to send photos of the model and serial number label to: (830)456-3571, along with a description of the fault. ARGMS will reply as quickly as possible. Please note that the following services are not provided:

  •   Stacked Units (dryer on top of a washer). 
  •   Propane or NG (Natural Gas) Appliances. 
  •   Installations of new or used/refurbished Appliances

2. Electronics repair and computer services 

3. General grounds maintenance and trash removal

4. Painting

5. Small Engine Repair

Please call: (830) 456-3571 for your specialized quote.